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Knowledge lecture on scented candles


What are the functions of various aromas and fragrances:
1. Lavender: fresh and fragrant flowers can purify, soothe and calm people, help sleep and treat insomnia. Promote metabolism, with sterilization and anti - inflammatory effect.
Rose: it can soothe and soothe nerves, lighten mood, regulate menstrual cycle and enhance sexual desire.
Mollie: anti-depression, anti-fatigue, pleasurable, relaxed, moderating, soothing, aphrodisiac and most effective prescription for serious depression.

4. Osmanthus: sweet fragrance, strong fragrance, dispelling depression, making people have good associations. To parasympathetic nerve, have adjust placatory effect, be helpful for wound, detumescence.

5. Sandalwood: woody, persistent and mellow fragrance, refreshing and soothing nerves and anxiety, helpful for thinking and decision-making, and mellow fragrance.


6. Sea ocean: collect Marine algae and Marine rocks, such as sea azure and brassica, which can bring fresh ocean atmosphere and stabilize mood.
7. Lemon: when tired, change the mood, refresh and clear the mind. Anti - rheumatism and neuralgia, helps improve body resistance.
8. Tea tree: clear the mind, fight depression, purify air, fight cold, female gynecological inflammation and promote metabolism.
Snow lotus: balance hormones and sebum secretion, have moist and smooth effect on skin.
Rosemary: it can eliminate fatigue, refresh, invigorate, strengthen memory, fight rheumatism and diuresis. It has a soothing effect on colds.
Violets: fight cold, fight fatigue, promote detoxification function, make the brain is in relaxed state, improve slant headache.
Carnation: it has a pleasant fragrance, creates a romantic atmosphere, balances emotions and relaxes the mind.



The size of the room affects the intensity of the aroma.
Do not light ordinary and aromatic candles at the same time, as the former absorbs the latter's aroma.
USES only one or two fragrances. Our sense of smell can be numbed by too many fragrances.
Tries to choose candles with larger sides. Because when candle burning, candle area gathers the candle's tear more, place sends out the aroma is thicker also.
Often trim the wick. Candle wick affects aroma distribution. Trim the wick to a length of 0.5-0.8cm when burning (please extinguish first). This prevents the burning from producing black smoke.

Put a refrigerator in front of the candle for a few hours to slow the burning of the candle.

When candles are burning, please avoid placing them in the wind to avoid the candle flame shaking and tilting to form a drop of wax or ugly phenomenon. It is recommended that indoor air circulation be maintained when burning candles.
If the candle drip on furniture, please wait for it to solidify before peeling, residual wax, you can use the hair dryer or iron to dissolve the wax after wipe.
When extinguishing candles do not blow out with the mouth, so as not to produce white smoke and coke. It is suggested that you can use toothpick or thin short iron wire and other things under the candlewick to push down the wick, so that the candle liquid will flame out, and then vertically cool the wick. This will not produce the smell of white smoke and coke, the next time lit more convenient and less effort.

Prevents candles from being exposed to direct sunlight, preventing them from fading as a result of prolonged exposure to sunlight. Keep candles in a cool place to prevent them from softening in hot weather.

Place candles out of reach of children to prevent accidental ingestion; Do not let children light candles or touch burning candles! When leaving the room, please remember to put out the candle to protect your home.



The "fumigation health law" originated from Europe regulates the internal environment of human body through specific fragrance, so as to achieve the purpose of health preservation and health care; The essential oil extracted from plants can produce negative ions and oxygen, release aroma and decompose secondhand smoke at the same time, kill bacteria and eliminate peculiar smell, so as to improve environmental hygiene, strengthen human resistance and promote metabolism.
Can put it in the home, as fashionable decoration, no matter be put in the bedroom or sitting room, it is very sweet one landscape line!
In geomantic, the candle that light represents 5 lines in -- the energy of fire, in dark and damp indoor, candle can improve environment effectively, make its appear dry with bright, light candle at night criterion better effect.
If you stare at a candle while meditating, your thoughts will get a new breakthrough and your intellect will be improved. Besides, the candle will arouse the user's enthusiasm and rich expression ability, which will strengthen the golden fire energy in the home and bring warmth and vitality to the family.
Gold, red can inspire vitality, also be so-called open lucky color. Red reflected light waves, the wavelength closest to the human body, can make brain activity more sensitive. But in house home is decorated in, gules can be when adorn match color only, unfavorable when advocate color. So it's best to light one or a pair of red or gold candles at home or office.


The best place to place the candles is east, southeast, south, southwest, middle and northeast of the home. Candle also is the most primitive, most romantic to illume means, often still use remember special day to build romantic atmosphere, it sends out the most true firelight, the easiest melt each other between cut off feeling. If you keep a couple of candles close to each other in your home, it will be helpful to increase your connection with others. This applies to both single and married couples.

Good quality aromatherapy candles can help relieve fatigue from work or work, as well as regulate the atmosphere. Most of the ingredients are natural plant synthetic essence, elegant taste. And the flame burns evenly and the color is clear.
Relatively expensive in the world, but low-quality incense candles because of low production costs, so the market price is cheaper, but there are certain side effects on human body oh, and the color of the candle body will be very cloudy, also easy to identify. For the health of oneself and family, still the proposal does not buy those is too cheap, colour and lustre is very turbid however bad, beautiful colour also is the important factor that we can choose to buy it!

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