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When did Europe begin to make candles? What were their main preparation methods


According to the encyclopedia britannica in A.D. three thousand years ago, according to the present 5000) Egypt and Greece have related record of the candle, the candle is one of the earliest inventions of the human, there are two kinds of wax raw material refining and found that one of the cavity from a catalogue of cetyl, another is from crude paraffin oil in it can be found from Egypt and Crete, at least in BC 3000 years of Taiwan wax can be confirmed. Beef tallow was widely used in Europe in the middle ages. Ancient candles were made from animal fat, and wax did not appear until 1800, when it was refined from petroleum. The history of candles has a long history. In ancient Egypt, candles were made from the grease of wild animals. It was not produced in large quantities until the industrial revolution.

Candle history
Human use of wax began with beeswax, and the original candle was made with beeswax.
1358 In London, England, people use beeswax to make candles.
1648 Europeans began to understand Kanaba wax
1781 Originally used wax to make matches
1802 In London, England, Madame Tussaud Wax Museum was officially established.
1811 The initial analysis of the chemical composition of the carnauba wax is announced
In 1830 K.V. Reichenbach separated paraffin from coal bitumen in the laboratory
1833 E.F.Glocker officially named "OEOKERIT"
1845 Carnauba wax began mass production
1848 J. Liebig confirms the basic chemical composition of beeswax
1855 Germany began commercial production of paraffin wax at SAXONY, using a method of distillation from lignite.
1857 BATTERSEA in the UK originally produced candles with paraffin
In 1897, Germany began to extract wax from lignite. The earliest Mengdan wax began to be produced and was officially named "MONTANWACHS".
1900 The glazing wax industry was born in Europe, and other applications began to create
1900 Germany began to use Japanese wax (JAPAN WAX) for soap manufacturing
1925 German I.G.FARBENINDUSTRIE A.G. began deep processing of Mengdan wax
In 1933, the production method of polyethylene wax was invented. During the period from 1950 to 1960, the technology of polyethylene wax was greatly developed.
1934 FISCHER-TROPSCH wax begins commercial production and begins the history of synthetic wax manufacturing
After 1945, the application of wax in the industry has been greatly developed. Wax is widely used in the packaging industry, powder glue industry, candle industry, food industry, crayons manufacturing, glazing wax industry, rubber industry, metal processing, etc. .

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